Are you interested in judging at Provincials in 2013?

On Friday, January 18 and Saturday, January 19, 2013 students will be competing at the 9th Annual DECA U Provincial Competition. With over 1 200 students are expected to attend from over 20 different universities right across Ontario, we need YOUR support to make this competition a success.

Choose to judge in one of 14 competitive categories!

Individual Categories

Fashion Merchandising

Financial Services

Human Resources

Restaurant & Food Services

Retail Management

Travel and Tourism


Team Categories

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

International Marketing

Marketing Management

Business to Business

Special Categories

Case Boss Challenge

Advertising Campaign

Innovation Challenge

Sponsored by Certified Management Accountants of Ontario and written by Deloitte

Written by Nida Noorani

Sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation

We are looking for judges that are fair, professional and connected to Corporate Canada. Judges will need to listen to solutions presented by our members based around a case study in one of the areas above. They will then need to review the feasibility and judge our members' performance. Our main goal is to give our members an opportunity to compete and get ready for the International competition taking place this April. They are now vying for a spot on our International team. YOU will help determine Ontario’s best by judging them in February… over 1 000 will be competing but only 40 can go on!

We are also looking for networkers to meet and share knowledge with our members on Friday, January 18 at 7:30.

Click here to read a message from DECA U's Provincial Advisor, Olga Plagianakos.

Judge registration is now closed BUT we could still use networkers. Sign up here!